Hearing loss affects very slowly. It is not immediate it takes some time to notice the hearing loss. People find out about their hearing loss by through their daily activities, like: 

  • Trouble in hearing when you are on phone
  • Increase the volume of TV or any audio/ video device to hear clearly
  • You think people are mumbling while conversation
  • Difficult to detect the direction from where sound is coming from
  • You are inattentive in workplace or community.
  • Missing small sounds like door bell, ringtone, alarm, etc.
  • Sometimes you try to read lip-syncs, gestures or facial expression  to understand what they are saying.

–  Simply consult Audiologist, who is the best person to tell you if you need medical treatment or not. Audiologist will identify & diagnose your problems with the best hearing treatment.  Audiologist will take complete care of your hearing loss.

–  Requirement of Hearing Aid will be suggested by the audiologist based on the evaluation reports.

Hearing aids are available in different sizes and types. There are two types of Hearing Aids : Analog and Digital. Nowadays, people often use Digital Hearing aids. Few senior citizens use Analog Hearing Aids,  depending on compatibility with the new technology.

In Digital, there are variety of the Hearings Aids present. From instrument which fits behind the ear and instruments which fits inside the ear canal which are minimum visible to others.  Digital but programmable Hearing aids are adjusted by the computer, So, you can adjust the hearing aid as per your needs. Your Audiologist will help you with this process.

– Hearing Aids helps one to get better quality life. In hearing Aid there are many function which provides maximum benefits to person who is suffering from Hearing Loss.

– There are two main issues with your Hearing Aid, If Hearing Aid stops working.  

Main Common Issues are :

A) Ear Wax : If your ear is producing more ear wax then it will create the issues for your Hearing Aid. There is one small hole in your hearing aid, and it goes in your ear. If ear wax is producing more, Hearing Aid will not work properly. One your Hearing Aid stops Working, Simply check your aid part to be sure if it is free of ear wax or any others problems are there. Hearing aids should be cleaned daily to prevent problems.

B) Low battery or dead battery : This is the second most common cause for failures in functions of Hearing Aids. If Hearing aid stop working properly, check your hearing aid battery or change with fresh battery.

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